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Fr Peters Sermon

“If you wish, you can make me clean.
 ‘I do will it. Be made clean.’”
Healing words! Let them reach our hearts.
The Jesus of the Gospels is in Heaven with the Father from there he intercedes every day for us. As he does so, Jesus shows the Father his wounds he got for love of us.
We come to Jesus with a problem, won’t he be moved with pity and touch us too?
There are lots of problems in our lives, in our communities.
When there is a decision about how to act, would not the healing Jesus be saying to us “do everything for the glory of God”? Believing would we not feel saved?
Then we who have been healed by Jesus, can think about others.
How can our scars help in healing others?
Can you help heal those who are upset around you?
We really need “Days of Prayer”! Like that one yesterday in this Church!
This Wednesday the cry goes out repent and believe the Good News, the Call to all the Church of God: for Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.
During Lent, New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops invite us to provide for the needs of the poor through the work of Caritas. Money raised through the Bishops’ Lent Appeal helps to fund both development and emergency relief work around the world. You can donate to the Bishops’ Lent Appeal each week:
Using this pack of six envelopes or using the single Lent donation envelope. [hold up envelope]. These can be returned through your parish’s weekly collection or posted freepost directly to Caritas.
Lent is about something we do together – with each other and with God. In this Lenten journey and beyond, we are changed, and we change the world around us.
Ash Wednesday?
It’s Lent for the next six weeks leading up to remembering Good Friday and the celebrating the Lord’s Resurrection.


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