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Fr Peters Sermon

It sounded like the rush of a violent wind: The Jesus people were swept out of hiding onto the streets of Jerusalem. On fire for a cause – Pilgrims in town from many parts of the world heard them. Locals remarked: They’re all Galileans but everyone understands them speaking in everyone’s language.
Feeling new freedom and energy, people returned to their home countries with a great story of something old that suddenly had become something new.
Every year, we celebrate the beginning of the Church on Pentecost Sunday. The Holy Spirit comes to be the life and soul of the Jesus people!
At Pentecost just a year ago, the Catholic Churches of Wellington were preparing a whole new plan for the years to come. We asked the Holy Spirit to make us feel new energy as we came together for what was to be known as “Synod 2017”.
Today in this celebration of the Holy Spirit in 2018, it is right that we should ask, what grace the Holy Spirit bings this year to our church. What should we be praying for?
Maybe for people to have a look at what came out of our Archdiocesan Synod 2017. Remember the theme of the Synod: “Go you are sent……”? The lead item in this week’s parish newsletter adapts it. “Go you are sent….to follow up the Synod in your own Parish.”
If you read it with prayer when you get home, you may feel called to pick up some of the outcomes of the Synod. You may even be inspired to a feeling of being called to get together to follow up the Synod in our own parish.
To the point of contacting our Parish Secretary.


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