Being Catholic

We Believe in:

“One God”

The one God is a communion of three divine Persons: the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)

“God the Father almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth”

  • God the Father created heaven and earth and all they contain “out of nothing”.

“Jesus Christ, his only Son our Lord”

  • Jesus Christ is the “beloved” and “only begotten Son” of the Father (John 1:14).
  • Jesus Christ is God the Son in human flesh (John 1:14).

“The Holy Spirit”

  • The Holy Spirit is the third Divine Person of the most Holy Trinity.
  • The Holy Spirit is the interpersonal love of the Father for the Son and the Son for the Father.
  • The Holy Spirit bestows spiritual gifts on God’s people.

“The Holy Catholic Church”

  • The Church is the assembly of those who, through faith and baptism, have become children of God.
  • The Holy Spirit is the soul and life of the Church

“Life Everlasting”

  • Eternal life is the life of grace on earth which continues beyond death.
  • Those who die asking God’s mercy and repenting their sins will enter heaven.
  • Those who die closed to God and refusing to repent are destined for hell.

Living as a Catholic

Being Catholic is a way of life. It is inherent in everything we do – in our actions, our words, and in our relationships with others.

We are called to love God and our neighbours as we do ourselves in our everyday lives.

We love God by:

  • keeping holy the Lord’s Day (Sunday) and other holy days by attending Mass, and making time to ponder and enjoy God’s beautiful creation
  • praying daily
  • regularly engaging in family prayer (e.g. the Rosary)
  • praying grace before and after meals
  • including prayer with family celebrations
  • regularly reading and reflecting on the Word of God
  • participating in parish and diocesan events.

We love our neighbours by:

  • loving others – our spouse, family, friends and colleagues − in the spirit of Christ
  • supporting local parish events and organisations e.g. St Vincent de Paul and Legion of Mary
  • supporting Catholic institutions e.g. schools, hospitals and rest homes
  • supporting agencies working for peace, justice, aid or development e.g. Caritas, Pro-Life, Soup Kitchens, Hibernians
  • sharing our Christian faith with others in our relationships, conversations and actions.

Last updated: 4ᵗʰ May, 2020