Our Vision


We, the people of St Francis of Assis Ohariu Parish, are aware of the challenges and opportunities of living out our Christian faith within the current ecclesiastical, societal and political structures.

We embrace a vision for a Church that is grounded in the Vatican II vision of baptism as the fundamental call to discipleship.

We envisage a parish that is strong in its faith, strong in its sense of community, welcoming, culturally diverse and culturally safe, inclusive and hospitable to all people, and willing to be actively and effectively engaged in bringing about a more just and equitable society – a parish where the intrinsic dignity of all people is reflected in its ecclesiastical, social and political structures and practices.

In light of changes in society and in the Church, we need to be ready to commit ourselves to bringing this vision into being through a parish structure that is well placed to meet current challenges and demands. 

Bringing the vision to Life

We seek to bring about a future full of hope by way of a collaborative model of leadership, pastoral ministry and service; a model in which:

  • the laity appropriately and necessarily take an active, visible, responsible and accountable role in the leadership and administration of the parish
  • there is a mutual relationship of support and dependence between laity and clergy - a collaborative team approach across the distinct cultures and communities of the parish
  • our parish is equipped for a time when constraints on the availability of priests requires a different approach to pastoral care and to liturgical and sacramental celebrations including preaching, catechetics and adult education, baptisms, marriages and funerals
  • the hopes and expectations of our people will be met as well as their pastoral, sacramental, theological and spiritual needs

We strive towards a particular mindset, vision and a purposeful and explicit strategy that seeks to have in place the structures and lay personnel capable of meeting the liturgical, spiritual, educational, justice and pastoral needs of a vibrant parish that is living out its Eucharistic mandate.

 To that end we are:

  • revitalising the parish as a vital Eucharistic community through a new fresh approach to the various pastoral and liturgical and evangelical ministries that centres on the animation of key service groups
  • Appointing a Collaborative Leadership Team to provide pivotal pastoral leadership and administrative roles
  • Providing training opportunities in Scriptural, dogmatic, sacramental and pastoral theology that will upskill lay people to exercise key functions that flow out of our baptismal call

We remain confident that, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the support of those in key Archdiocesan leadership roles, that our vision will help us to find new and effective ways of living out the demands and challenges of the Gospel and carrying out the Church’s mission in the world.

St Francis of Ohariu Leadership Formation Team