Our faith is based on 2,000 years of tradition, today's Mass is a reflection of this heritage!

As Catholics we believe church is where heaven and earth come together. God is of course is everywhere, however the mass allows us to come together as a family, effectively bridging heaven and ourselves on earth. The Eucharist (communion) is our receiving God and is the very essence of our faith.

Navigating the traditions of the church and our mass can seem at times a little daunting, even if you have been Catholic all your life. For many, the first time they experience a Catholic mass is at a funeral or wedding, and the whole process can seem a bit confusing. 

Ever wondered why we kneel? Or what does making the sign of the cross mean? You are not alone! We have put together some resources to help explain some of our traditions and to make your visit/journey with us more meaningful. 

You can start with a quick guide for beginners, The Catholic Mass Explained in this 2 minute video.  

Each of our churches will also have a helpful book, The Order of Mass, which covers our mass and the appropriate responses from the congregation. Feel free to follow along while the service is underway, to help demystify what the congregation is doing and saying.  

Look for a red or white book like this, usually placed by the door of the Church. Or click on the image below and download a copy.

The order of Mass

There are of course no rules for talking with God, however we treat our church as sacred and consider 2,000 years of history deserves respect, therefore we ask that your dress is tidy and you have respect for the sanctity of our home.

Finally at the end of mass its not uncommon to share a cup of tea and have friendly chat with your fellow church goers. Please consider staying and introducing yourself to others who have shared mass with you.

If you want to know more, check out the related links section on this page for more information.

God bless you and your family.

The St Francis of Assisi Parish Leadership Team



Last updated: 3ʳᵈ September, 2020