Liturgy Groups

Our Liturgy groups are crucial to the smooth running of each Liturgy, ensuring everything is organised behind the scenes and on the day. We have a combined Parish Liturgy Advisory group within our parish. 

Liturgy groups are to thank for:

  • contributing to our celebration of Eucharist by participating as musicians, Altar Servers, Proclaimers of the Word, or Ministers of Eucharist.
  • clearing our Churches, arranging the flowers, and washing and ironing the altar linen.
  • opening and closing our Churches, turning on heaters, and making sure our Churches are warm and safe.
  • preparing the altar before Mass and tidying things away after Mass. They often welcome our Priests and make sure they have what they need.

If you would like more information or would like to join us, please contact our coordinator:

Leadership Formation Team member: Anna Mika-Hunt on