Sacramental Programme

Our Sacramental programme is available to all children who have been baptised into the Catholic faith and reached Year 4 or above in the primary school system. During the course of the year candidates, with the assistance and support of their families and the Parish, work towards receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Eucharist. Sessions are a mixture of home and parish-based learning. This is a rewarding and deeply spiritual experience designed to give all those involved a closer relationship to God and a deepening of their spiritual life. 

February through to August each year is an exciting time in the parish where our younger members undertake our sacramental programme culminating in our first communion mass in late August.

Our Parish runs the programme over 12 weeks after their respective Sunday Mass, and we are blessed that Cardinal John Dew often officiates in what is a very import step in the lives of our children.

If you have some spare time to help with the programme or have a child in year 7 or 8 who you want to take part, please contact us at, alternatively you can contact one of the coordinators below.   

Coordinators in the Parish are:

Kitty McKinley: and Pelasio (Sio)