St Andrew’s Committee Team (SAC)

St Andrew’s Committee Team (SAC) was formed in early 2018 after St Andrew’s was closed in the middle of 2017. We developed a vision and mission to keep us focused, along with two strategic goals.

Our Vision:

Our local church (St Andrew’s) is the footprint and continuous hope for our spiritual lives. 

“People, people, people – being the face of Christ in our parishes, not just at the end of emails.”

Our Mission:

St Andrew’s recognises each individual parishioner for their spiritual journey by the story of their faith being told from birth, to important celebrations, to the end of their lives.  Our church is our pathway throughout our spiritual lives.  

Strategic Goals:

Place of Worship – To be safe for future generations

‘Church buildings are open, welcoming at all times’ – Synod ’17, Priority 4

  • Maintain a safe environment.
  • Future proof church and surroundings.
  • Become self-sufficient financially.

Church Community – Rebuild/Restore & Grow

People are the Church’s primary asset ‘– Synod ‘17, Priorities 1 to 13

  • Planned church services.
  • Planned community activities.
  • Improving communication with parishioners.
  • Developing sustainable community groups.
  • Increasing number of parishioners.

Our Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals reflect priorities outlined in the Synod 2017.  We are committed to working as one to deepen the relationship and spirituality within our multicultural communities.

We have lived the value of having a small team looking after our church and local community. Our SAC team would like to invite interested members of St Peter & Paul’s and St Benedict’s to set up a team in your own churches, join us for our meetings and be supported by us to develop your own team.   

Anna Mika-Hunt